Raul, a sweet, 10 year-old mixed breed dog, was transferred from his veterinarian to our WVRC-Racine 24 hour veterinary hospital for treatment of a hemoabdomen (blood in the abdominal cavity).  Upon his arrival a history, an exam and diagnostic imaging was completed.  Raul needed abdominal exploratory surgery to remove his spleen which had a tumor on it that had ruptured.  During surgery he lost a considerable amount of blood.  After surgery, Raul developed arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and had low blood pressure due to the blood loss.  He was on supportive care for several days and would not eat.  We placed a feeding tube to provide sustenance.  During this time Raul also received a blood transfusion, various medications and IV fluids.  Fortunately, with our blood donor program, we had plenty of blood product on hand. 

 Once Raul’s lab results stabilized, attitude improved, and he was tolerating the e-feedings, he was released to his dedicated owners who continued the tube feedings and loving care at home.  The pathology results came back negative for cancer - what a relief!  Raul recently came in to have his feeding tube removed and has returned to his bright, fun-loving self!  This was another team effort by our medical staff and the owners.  There were multiple ER DVMs, specialists and technicians involved in helping Raul survive and get well!