Olivia and Puppies

Pregnancy Complications

This sweet sight is Olivia, a 3-year-old Lab and new mama to four puppies. Poor Olivia was one of 23 dogs rescued from a backyard breeder last month by LEARN. All of the dogs lived outside and had no human socialization - but are now safe and in the care of LEARN volunteers.

Olivia was brought to WVRC after her foster mom noticed that she was panting and had a decreased appetite. Because of concerns for potential fetal distress, board certified surgeon Dr. Travis Reed performed a c-section (and spay), leading to the birth of two healthy females and males. They're named Lucy, Marcie, Peppermint Patty, and Pig Pen! You can follow the puppies' Facebook page, The Peanuts Gang & Maisy's Macabees, and watch them grow into fun-loving, social dogs in their foster home.

Olivia, her puppies, and the other 22 dogs will not be available for adoption for quite a while - but you can learn more about their story hereThere are also a number of other Labs looking for homes too! Thank you, LEARN, for all that you do.