Lymphoma and GDV

Miley, a stoic 9-year-old Bullmastiff, sure has had her share of medical issues. Miley’s owner noticed a strange growth on Miley’s neck and went to her primary veterinarian who determined it was lymphoma and referred her to Dr. Custead who immediately started chemotherapy.

As if your dog having cancer is not scary enough, while in for a chemo treatment Miley suddenly presented with GDV (Gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome), more commonly referred to as bloat, an often life-threatening disease where the stomach dilates and rotates, or twists, common in large, deep-chested breeds. Although caught early, Miley was in very critical condition and there was a good possibility that she would not make it out of surgery. Thanks to WVRC’s surgery department, Miley pulled through with flying colors and was able to continue her chemo treatments.

In addition, Miley has had two torn ACLs, a severe allergic reaction that caused her head to swell, and has enlarged lymph nodes. But despite all of those obstacles, Miley remains happy, gentle, strong, and the best companion a person could ever ask for. And now we get to celebrate with Miley because she gets to add “Kicking Cancer’s Tail” to her long list of accomplishments!