Haynes, an 11-year-old Boxer, came to WVRC’s Waukesha ER after his owner found him collapsed on the dining room floor. She tried to get him up and he couldn’t support himself and was knuckling in his hind limbs. 

Upon examination, Dr. Patton discovered that Haynes had hemoabdomen, which is a buildup of blood within the lining of the abdominal wall and organs that can be fatal. During surgery, multiple hemorrhaging masses were found on his spleen, which required a complete splenectomy. Histopathology indicated that Haynes had hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive, malignant tumor of his blood vessel cells. 

Chemotherapy protocol was started, which Haynes handled like a champ. He has now Kicked Cancer’s Tail and is back to his regular activities. Way to go Haynes!