Leg Amputation

Domino, a stray cat, was being fed regularly by a local family before disappearing for about five days. When she came back she was limping badly on her right leg and it was swollen and she had blood on her fur. Her “family” took her to the veterinarian where x-rays showed no fractures, however, her foot was cold, hard, and had no pain sensation. In addition, Domino tested positive for roundworms, for which treatment was started right away.

She was brought to WVRC, where Dr. Jacobs examined her for a possible limb amputation. After an overnight stay to get fluids, pain medication, and be monitored for a fever she was ready for surgery where Dr. Hurley was able to successfully remove the necrotic limb. By the next morning Domino was doing very well, getting around on her own, and happy, comfortable, and no longer in pain. By the time she went home later that day, she was walking on three legs as well as she had been on four. It is amazing how quickly animals can adapt! 

Domino now lives indoors and can truly call the kind people who fed her and saw to her care her family.