Synovial Cell Sarcoma

Diesel, a very sweet 10-year-old Daschund, started limping on his front left leg and sometimes holding his paw up. His family veterinarian examined Diesel and noticed his paw pad was swollen, flaky, and painful when touched. Although Diesel received an antibiotic shot, his paw pad seemed to be getting worse. During a recheck, changes in his x-rays and results of a biopsy called for a partial amputation of the affected digit to remove the newly discovered cancer cells.

He then came to see Dr. Custead of our oncology department for further evaluation. An additional biopsy confirmed that Diesel had synovial cell sarcoma of his digit on his left paw, which is a rare tumor in dogs that arises from the connective tissue in and around joints and has the potential for metastasis (spread) to lymph nodes and lungs.

Thankfully there was no obvious evidence of metastasis, so treatment was directed at the residual cancer left behind on his toe. His treatment included going to UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine for radiation therapy to kill the residual cancer cells followed by chemotherapy. 

Unfortunately, Diesel’s cancer returned early in the course of chemotherapy. Dr. Reed, one of our board certified surgeons, surgically removed more of his affected digit and was able to achieve complete margins! Diesel has now finished his chemotherapy protocol, has healed well, is pain free, and is back to being a happy boy who has full use of all four limbs. Congratulations Diesel!!