Splenectomy and B Cell Lymphoma

In Fall 2017 Chester, a lovable 13-year-old mixed breed dog, came to our Waukesha ER because he had been vomiting and seemed unusually uncomfortable. Upon examination, Dr. Alessandrino found that Chester had a heart murmur and an abdominal mass; however, which organ the mass was on could not be determined without surgery. Due to the increased surgical risk that his heart murmur presented, our cardiologist Dr. Koplitz was consulted. In addition, the fact that his mass could be cancerous, one of our oncologsts, Dr. Wirth, was also consulted before proceeding with surgery.

During surgery, Dr. Hurley found that the mass was on Chester’s spleen so his spleen was removed and biopsies were sent out for review. It was determined that Chester had B cell lymphoma (a tumor of white blood cells) and was started on a chemotherapy protocol.

Chester recently finished his chemotherapy treatments for lymphoma and he is in complete remission! Although initially very nervous about his hospital visits, Chester quickly learned that the oncology service spoiled him rotten. All of his doctors are so happy to see Chester feeling better.