Pancreatitis, Ophthalmic Issues

Don’t let Basil’s cuteness fool you! He is one resilient 14 year-old Bichon Frise! Basil has seen multiple specialists at WVRC in Waukesha for several problems. He first came to us in 2010 for a dental cleaning and mass removal by Dr. Schamberger (Veterinary Dentist). Basil visited us again in 2013 after several vomiting episodes, depression, lack of drinking and fever. Dr. Rudich (Radiologist) performed an ultrasound and he was evaluated by Dr. Balog (Internist). Basil was diagnosed with pancreatitis, cholangitis and gall bladder problems. After a 2-week stay in the hospital and pain management by Dr. Congdon (Anesthesiologist), our key focus has been managing his pancreatitis. Basil also came in for an appointment with Dr. Accola (Ophthalmologist) for corneal ulcer and dry eye. Dr. Balog and Dr. Accola continue to see Basil for follow-ups. Basil is very lucky to have such dedicated owners. And we are very fortunate to have all of these specialists under one roof for complex cases like this.